Thursday, September 10, 2009

Won’t You Join Us!

Please join us in support of candidates endorsed by your Greenbush Party. Thanks to a grassroots effort by town residents from all over North Greenbush, voters will again have a choice in addition to the major party lines this election season!

Meet the candidates who have pledged to represent you and not the development interests who continue to try to keep the power in our town.

Josephine Ashworth - Supervisor Janice Liberty - Town Clerk

Patricia Noel –Town Council Mark Premo - Highway Superintendent

Richard Fennelly -Town Council

Join your neighbors in support of these candidates who stand for open and ethical government and total quality living for North Greenbush.

Visit us on the web at

Contact Mike Angelo @ 286-3488

Tear off and return with your check payable to:

Greenbush Party, P.O. Box 585,

Wynantskill, N.Y. 12198

Name (s):_________________________________________________________________________________


Enclosed is $__________ I/we are making an additional contribution of $________

I/we can not attend the party but would like to contribute $_________

Many thanks from all the members of the Greenbush Party. We look forward to seeing you on Oct.7th.

Starts 7PM and ends at 9PM

September 11, 2009

Hello Friends and Neighbors:

Once again the GREENBUSH PARTY, with its support base of a cross-section of citizens from all parts of the Town of North Greenbush, will be on the ballot. Its primary mission continues to be to insure choice at the ballot box and offer a highly professional and qualified slate of candidates.

This year we endorsed a line-up of candidates who were also endorsed by the Democratic Party at their caucus on August 27th. They were selected and submitted to our petition-signers prior to our submission deadline of August 18th. It is important to note that this slate pledged themselves to run as Greenbush Party candidates regardless of the outcome of the caucus. They have dedicated themselves to act independently and to be advocates of:

  1. GROWTH: Intelligent, responsive growth and development.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY: Receptiveness to the needs of all the Town's residents.
  3. INTEGRITY: Honesty and forthrightness in performance of official duties.
  4. TRUST: Ethical guardianship of the public's trust.

It is therefore with great pride that the Greenbush Party endorses the candidacy of:

  • Josephine Ashworth, Town Supervisor
  • Patricia Noel, Town Council
  • Richard Fennelly, Town Council
  • Raymond Elliott III, Town Justice
  • Joshua Sabo, Town Justice
  • Mark Premo, Highway Superintendent
  • Janice Liberty, Town Clerk

This team will bring professional management back to our town along with an open government policy that is inclusive of all our residents.

We hope you will join us at our "Meet the Candidates" evening. Please see the enclosed flyer for details. If you cannot join us that evening we certainly would appreciate any help you can offer, financially or otherwise. You are also welcome to join us at St. Timothy's Church on Sundays at 7 pm. Call me at 286-3488 to confirm a meeting is being held that evening.

We look forward to greeting you, renewing old friendships and beginning new ones.


Michael Angelo


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