Friday, October 2, 2009

Greenbush Party Will Oppose Proposed Redo Of Comprehensive Plan


The Greenbush Party which has endorsed a full slate of candidates for the November election in North Greenbush announced its opposition to the proposed redo of the Comprehensive Plan, which will be the subject of a Public Hearing by the Town Board this Thursday October 1st at 7PM at the Town Offices on Main Avenue.


The Greenbush Party opposes this unfounded plan, which obliterates the properly developed plan completed in 2006 under the leadership of former CPC Chairman Richard Fennelly. The Town Board failed to adopt the plan in a 2-2 tie vote with a supporting Councilman, Alan Michaels absent from the meeting.


The new town board majority consisting of Supervisor Evers, Councilmen Spain, Desso and Kern, then voted to disband the Comprehensive Plan Committee and formed a new committee. This group of 16 members has redone the plan in a manner inconsistent with provisions of the NY State Open Meetings Law requiring minutes be taken, a record of votes, discussions and quorums to approve changes in the plan.


They have also recommended the Town Board accept their proposal to redraw the Land Use Map allowing the rezoning of an area of RT 4 centered on what is currently a golf driving range to allow for high density commercial development identical to the land use recommended for the big box retail development currently approved at the intersection of Rts 4 and 43.


We believe that this proposal will begin the process of turning RT 4 into another Wolf Road. There is no logical reason to reverse the land use designation for this area recommended by the first Committee which was mixed commercial use and change it to the most intense commercial use possible. Neither RT 4 in this area or Bloomingrove Drive and its surrounding neighborhoods could withstand the impact of such development.


We support the adoption of the first completed Comprehensive Plan and not the revisions made by a second Committee formed in January 2007. We will oppose the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan at the Public Hearing to be held Thursday October 1st at 7PM.

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