Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Greenbush Party Files Petitions

Yesterday, petitions with 346 signatures were presented to the Board of Elections on behalf of the “GREENBUSH PARTY”, which was first created in 2007 and was the top performing line in that year’s town election.

Once again, our signature base and support represents a cross-section of people from the three communities of North Greenbush: Wynantskill, DeFreestville, and Snyder’s Lake. It is also significant that both Democrats and Republicans as well as independent voters supported our candidates by signing these petitions.

The primary mission of Greenbush Party is to insure choice at the ballot box in November. In 2007, the Democratic Party was in effect turned over to the Republican Party in an effort to deny voters a choice in the General Election.

This citizens’ coalition puts people before politics. It operates by consensus with no single individual or faction dictating its policies or actions. It dedicates itself to Lincoln’s premise of ‘…Government of the People, By the People and For the People….’ Greenbush Party will ensure a slate of candidates is on the ballot independent of the county and town Republican organizations which attempts control of all ballot lines.

This year we have endorsed candidates who are all registered as Democrats, none of whom have secured the Democratic endorsement at a caucus to be held August 27th. Regardless of what occurs at that caucus, these are the Greenbush Party candidates and they have dedicated themselves to act independently, to represent all parts of Town equally and to be advocates of:

1.GROWTH – Intelligent, responsive growth and development

2.RESPONSIBILITY - Receptiveness to the needs of all Town residents.

3.INTEGRITY - Honesty in the performance of official duties

4.TRUST – Ethical use of the public's trust

Greenbush Party endorses: Josephine Ashworth, Town Supervisor; Patricia Noel and Richard Fennelly, Town Council; Raymond Elliott III and Joshua Sabo, Town Justice; Mark Premo, Highway Superintendent and Janice Liberty, Town Clerk.

These candidates have pledged to place partisan politics aside and build a broad-based consensus which will insure professionalism, responsiveness and integrity in town government. With this filing an important and historic chapter in North Greenbush is about to be written.

All of Greenbush Party’s current members look forward to serving the common public interest and invite our neighbors and fellow-citizens to join us. Contact us at and visit our website at

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