Friday, August 7, 2009

Mission Statement 2009

The party was first created in 2007 and grew out of an overwhelming concern that 4 major parties were endorsing the same 3 major candidates. The primary mission of Greenbush Party is to insure choice at the ballot box in November.

This citizens’ coalition puts people before politics. It operates by consensus with no single individual or faction dictating its policies or actions. It dedicates itself to Lincoln’s premise of ‘…Government of the People, By the People and For the People….’ Greenbush Party gives voters a choice by endorsing a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to act independently, to represent all parts of Town equally and to be advocates of:
1. GROWTH – Intelligent, responsive growth and development
2. RESPONSIBILITY - Receptiveness to the needs of all Town residents.
3. INTEGRITY - Honesty in the performance of official duties
4. TRUST – Ethical use of the public's trust

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