Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greenbush Party Candidates Call Fund Raiser Unlawful

The candidates for town office on the Greenbush Party, ROW F, in this November’s election, are demanding Town Supervisor Mark Evers and his running mates, Louis Desso and Al Spain return the illegal campaign contributions they received last night at a fundraiser held at the Troy Elks Club.

Referencing a fund raising letter the candidates sent using the Supervisor’s secretary as an illegal conduit for sending contributions by mail, Supervisor candidate Josh Sabo affirmed that these candidates failed to register their committee dubbed “Bringing North Greenbush Together”, with the Board of Elections as required by State Election Law. "These acts are part of a pattern and practice of illegally hiding from public view the money and donors these candidates have solicited on their behalf."

Council Candidates Wes Marshall and Josephine Ashworth agreed noting that the rules to protect the public from illegal campaign contribution are being ignored by these candidates. They stated their belief that the bulk of their financial support is coming from developers and contractors with much likely coming from the Supervisor’s political benefactor, the Conservative Chairman, Michael Casale, whose company is seeking more money for its overspent contract in Water District 14.

The candidates called on the Rensselaer County District Attorney to enforce this serious breach of State Election Law noting that there exists the potential for fraud on a substantial scale as a result of this conduct. They also called on their opponents to refund all money unlawfully received at this event and to make public the names of all donors in excess of $100
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