Sunday, October 7, 2007

Candidates oppose Evers Bailout of Conservative Contractor

Candidates of the Greenbush Party seeking seats on the North Greenbush Town Council today announced their opposition to Conservative Supervisor Mark Evers referendum to bailout his political benefactors in the Conservative Party who hold the overspent contract in Water District 14.

Board candidates Charles “Wes” Marshall and Josephine Ashworth noted that the district is overspent some $740,000 over the stipulated contract price without required change orders.
“On Evers watch as the town’s chief fiscal officer, this contract was allowed to be overspent by $740,000 and the last $83,000 of that amount came in a check the Supervisor issued last December without required town board approval”, stated the candidates. They noted a decision is pending in the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court which seeks the Supervisor’s removal from office for the illegal disbursement.

This referendum which Evers sponsored attempts to force all town residents to pay for the illegal overspending in WD 14. It in effect attempts to transfer the bills paid and pending in WD 14 to a town wide water district so that everyone in North Greenbush pays for the mismanagement, stated Marshall and Ashworth. They challenged their opponents to take a stand on this important issue and noted that Louis Desso is Michael Casale’s Vice Chairman on the Conservative Committee and that Al Spain is Chairman Spain’s brother on the Democratic Committee both of whom apparently support the referendum.

Supervisor candidate Joshua Sabo, noted that more than 200 town residents signed a petition to force the question to a public referendum which was ordered to take place on October 16th town wide and the Town must have a referendum or be in violation of New York State law.

The candidates noted that there has been very little publicity on this Public Referendum which has been ordered by a vote of the town board as required by statute. It takes place Tuesday October 16th with the times to be announced. It is a Town Wide vote in which every deed holder in North Greenbush is entitled to vote on the borrowing question.

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