Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Greenbush Party Candidates Ask Supervisor to Disclose Referendum Status

The candidates for town office on the Greenbush Party, ROW F, in this November’s election, are asking the Town Supervisor to explain what actions he has taken to insure that a public referendum ordered by the town board and required by law for October 16th takes place as scheduled. The referendum, sponsored by the Supervisor would, if passed, permit the town to borrow another $830,000 to pay for the mismanaged overspent contract in Water District 14 and force the entire town to pay for it.

“Earlier this week, we announced our opposition to the Evers sponsored resolution because it is a disgraceful attempt to patronize his Conservative Party Chairman’s company which holds the contract now $740,000 overspent and unfinished”, stated the candidates. They noted that the district remains unfinished and that the Supervisor has failed to come forward with any other alternative method to complete the district other than his town wide bonding proposal ordered for a public vote on October 16th.

Supervisor candidate Josh Sabo, who is the town’s attorney, stated that the Supervisor has not once asked for any assistance in preparing for the vote. “He runs the town in a complete vacuum from the rest of the board and the legal staff”, stated Sabo. “It is incredible that with a vote scheduled in just 12 days, that not one official word has come from the Supervisor on either the status of the vote or his intention to prevent it by not doing what is required to hold it”, stated the candidates.

Despite the fact that town law requires that this vote take place pursuant to the process of Permissive Referendum, it appears the Supervisor has failed to take any steps to comply with the law and allow the public their right to vote on the referendum, stated Josephine Ashworth and Wes Marshall, candidates for Town Council.

We believe this may be a deliberate failure to obey the law and sabotage the referendum to protect Conservative benefactors and allies in Casale Excavating from a decisive defeat at the hands of the North Greenbush voters, concluded the candidates.

Note:The Record filed a story today on this issue.You may read it here.

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