Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sabo calls for Full Disclosure of Illegal Fundraiser Contributions

Greenbush Party candidate Josh Sabo called on his opponent to immediately disclose any and all contributions of $100.00 or more made to him and his blank check development running mates Louis Desso and Al Spain as a result of a fund raiser illegally held on October 24th at the Troy Elks Lodge.

Mr. Evers has taken an oath of office to uphold the laws of the State of New York, including Election Laws including timely disclosure. He has ignored his sworn obligation, stated Sabo.

Sabo noted that first Evers solicited the funds without registering his fundraising committee dubbed “Bringing North Greenbush Together” with the State Board of Elections as required by law. It appears those funds were immediately used to purchase large signs placed throughout the town. After receiving stinging criticism for his actions and a complaint filed with State election officials, Evers registered the PAC yesterday but has refused to file a Financial Disclosure listing contributors due October 26th. He even used a town employee, his personal secretary, to act as Treasurer and receiver of the funds, using her home address on his letter of solicitation.

Financial Disclosure Laws protect the public by ensuring they vote with the knowledge of those who are financing the campaigns. Mark Evers and his blank check development slate continue to hide the source of their money which has now manifested itself with large and expensive color road signs that were personally put up by the prime contractor in Water District 14, JR Casale endorsing his hand picked slate. Every time town residents drive by these signs, they should realize they were placed there as a result of unlawful activity. If the Casale slate wins, Sabo expressed his fear that town government may become more responsive to hidden campaign contributors than the public interests.

Greenbush Party candidates have not accepted any funds from developers and contractors, stated Sabo. Our contributions were listed online as required by law and come from private citizens. Sabo also repeated support for an Ethics Law that would prohibit North Greenbush from having business dealings with party officers and the companies which employ them.

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